Financial Planning and Analysis Specialist

Jun 17, 2024
Jul 01, 2024
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Work from office
Full Time
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Blis is looking for a Financial Planning & Analysis specialist based in Mumbai to work for our EMEA,APAC and US subsidiaries.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis specialist is a versatile role that contributes significantly to the financial health and success of the organization
  • They provide critical financial insights, analysis, and reporting, collaborating with various teams and senior management to facilitate data-driven decision-making and support strategic initiatives
  • Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of financial analysis, reporting, forecasting, and strategic support functions

Key Responsibilities
  • Supporting Business Decisions: collaborates with various departments within the organization to provide valuable insights and data-driven analysis. They use financial data to help stakeholders make informed decisions that align with the companys goals and objectives.
  • Revenue and Client Reporting: responsible for preparing regular and insightful reports on revenue and client-related metrics. These reports assist in tracking performance, identifying trends, and highlighting areas for improvement.
  • Revenue Forecasting: The Finance Analyst is tasked with forecasting revenue on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Accurate revenue forecasting helps the company plan and allocate resources effectively.
  • Monthly Board Packs: supports the creation and distribution of monthly board packs. These packs typically contain key financial and operational information that is presented to the companys board of directors.
  • Commercial Finance Support: works closely with the Commercial Finance Controller, providing analysis and insights on various financial matters as required.
  • Analytics Dashboard Management: responsible for managing the Analytics Dashboard on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This dashboard provides crucial data and analysis to the Head of Sales, Managing Director, and executive team, helping them monitor performance and make strategic decisions.
  • Budgeting Process: assists in the yearly budgeting process. This involves collaborating with different departments to create detailed budgets that align with the companys overall financial strategy.
  • Monthly KPI Analysis: The Finance Analyst produces monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis, which includes metrics like Seller Return on Investment (ROI) and Gross Profit (GP) analysis. These KPIs offer valuable insights into the companys financial performance and help identify areas for improvement.
  • Adhoc Projects and Analysis:t undertakes ad hoc projects and analysis work as directed by the Finance Director (FD) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO). These projects could involve financial modeling, cost analysis, or strategic planning.
  • Monthly Country Packs: supports the creation and distribution of Monthly Country Packs. These packs likely contain financial and operational data specific to each country or region where the company operates.

Skills and requirements
  • CA,CPA qualified with 3+ years of experience in financial analysis or related roles
  • Analytical Skills: Strong quantitative and analytical abilities, with the ability to interpret complex financial data and draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Technical Proficiency: Proficient in financial modeling, data analysis tools (eg, Excel, Tableau), and familiarity with ERP and financial software.
  • Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey financial insights and recommendations to non-financial stakeholders.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and reliability in financial analysis and reporting.
  • Team Player: Ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment and adapt to evolving business needs.
  • Problem Solving: Proactive problem-solving skills, with the ability to think critically and propose innovative solutions.

Skills: Data Analysis, Erp, Financial Analysis, Tableau, Financial Modeling, Excel

Experience: 3.00-5.00 Years