Plant Accountant

Joseph Michaels International
Merced, California
Jun 10, 2024
Jun 13, 2024
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Work from office
Full Time
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Plant Accountant Job Description and Position Overview:

The Plant Accountant is a pivotal finance role within the manufacturing sector, dedicated to overseeing and managing the financial operations and strategies of a manufacturing plant. This role requires a combination of financial acumen, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of manufacturing processes to ensure the plant's financial health and operational efficiency.

Key Responsibilities:

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="1">Financial Reporting and Analysis: Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements and reports, analyzing variances, and advising on financial performance trends.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="2">Cost Management: Conduct detailed cost accounting and analysis to identify opportunities for cost savings and operational improvements. Oversee inventory valuation and manage the costing systems accurately.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="3">Budgeting and Forecasting: Lead the budgeting and forecasting processes, providing financial insights that support strategic decision-making. Collaborate with departmental heads to align financial forecasts with operational goals.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="4">Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with financial standards, accounting regulations, and internal policies. Stay updated on changes in financial regulations affecting the manufacturing industry.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="5">Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with the production, supply chain, and finance departments to ensure a cohesive understanding of financial and operational data.

Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="1">Bachelors degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field. CPA or CMA certification is a plus.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="2">Minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in cost accounting or a similar role within a manufacturing environment.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="3">Proficient in financial software and advanced Excel skills.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="4">Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="5">Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="6">Ability to adapt to new technologies and changing industry landscapes.

What We Offer:

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="1">A dynamic and challenging work environment with opportunities for professional growth and development.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="2">Competitive salary and benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and performance bonuses.

  • ol :!pt-0 &>ol :!pb-0 &>ul :!pt-0 &>ul :!pb-0" value="3">A supportive team and management dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

The Plant Accountant is at the heart of financial operations within the manufacturing plant, providing critical insights that drive strategic decisions. This role is for someone passionate about managing financial processes, improving operational efficiencies, and contributing to the overall success of the manufacturing operations. If you have the necessary qualifications and skills, we invite you to apply for this exciting and rewarding opportunity. Stay ahead of the curve in cost accounting and join our team as a Plant Accountant today!