Chief Financial Officer at Baltimore, MD (Full Time)

Vtech Solution Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland
Apr 23, 2024
Apr 30, 2024
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Full Time
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vTech Solution Inc is hiring Chief Financial Officer at Baltimore, MD.

About us:

Job Duration : Full Time Position

Roles and Responsibilities:


The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) works closely with the client's Secretary and other members of the executive leadership to establish fiscal policy, procedures and goals that are consistent with the mission and values of the Department, and generally accepted accounting principles. The CFO will have a day-to-day, ongoing impact on Departmental operations, helping to analyze, strategize, and grow our financial position. This seasoned strategist not only will understand current accounting practices and trends, but also will have experience adapting to and leading change. The CFO will be comfortable driving data based financial decision making and will be versed in fiscal risk assessment and regulatory compliance. As a member of senior management, the CFO will be comfortable in a leadership role that requires clear and effective communication skills.

The responsibilities of the CFO includes overseeing and coordinating all departmental functions related to the preparation, negotiation and defense of the Department's annual operating budget, of more than billion, monitoring and execution of that budget, oversight of the payroll for nearly 6000 permanent and contractual employees, general accounting, procurement, the disbursement of billion in federal funds and accurate annual fiscal close- outs.

Day-to- day responsibilities include management and oversight of the Office of Budget & Finance, including the Budget & Management Division, Accounting Operations, Cost Allocation Revenue Management, Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS), and fiscal operations for all 24 Departments of Social Services (inclusive of 4 large metro offices) and eight (8) headquarter Administrations.

This position is essential for the Department to succeed in fulfilling its mission of aggressively pursuing opportunities to assist people in economic need, increase prevention efforts and protect vulnerable children and adults. Sound fiscal leadership translates into structuring a budget to achieve our mission, satisfy the Governor's vision for this Department and gain legislative approval of the Governor's Annual Operating Budget Request. Equally important is managing our fiscal resources to achieve measurable outcomes.


Budget Management:

  • Directs and manages the people and processes that provide strategic controls, management and direction for the Department's fiscal matters.
  • issuance of budget instructions for the Department of Human Services (DHS).
  • Supervises the development, presentation and execution of the Department's budget.
  • Oversees the evaluation of budget requests, conducting formal reviews and providing recommendations to the Secretary of DHS.
  • Works with the Secretary on budget negotiations with the Department of Budget and Management.

Funding Duties:

  • Oversees the operation of a Departmental cost accounting system which merges all fiscal and accounting activities of the constituent agencies into a composite system which maintains the integrity of accounts, and state and federal reporting requirements.
  • Manages the preparation and submission of requests for federal funds in a timely manner to ensure proper optimization of cash flow for the State of Maryland Approve Federal grant requests.
  • Oversees all fiscal reporting activities for the Department including State and Federal expenditures, GAAP/GAAS financial year-end closing and cash management reports for all constituent agencies and 24 local departments.

Special Duties:

  • Oversees the various fiscal projects and studies assigned by the Office of the Secretary and the Deputy Secretaries for Operations and Programs.
  • Reviews and provides feedback official responses to Legislative, Federal and privately conducted audit reports that involve fiscal issues or impacts.
  • Provides policy recommendations regarding Federal and legislative audit findings and identifies and implements corrective actions to be taken.
  • Ensures that resolution of federal audits are in compliance with State fiscal requirements.
  • Integrates the organizational values developed during the Management Training. Program into the day-to-day operations and operating philosophy of the Office of Budget and Finance.
  • Recruits, train and evaluate the performance of Budget and Finance Personnel.
  • Optimize utilization and development of staff.