Key Accounts Manager-Securitization

Mar 07, 2024
Apr 06, 2024
Work Mode
Work from office
Full Time
Organization Type
Academia, Corporate
Role/ Job Title: Key Accounts Manager - Securitization

Function/ Department: Strategic Alliances

Job Purpose:

Liaising with various stakeholders involved in the Securitization / Direct Assignment transactions. Manage the relationship with Investor Banks over the DA Deal encompassing furnishing of various data requirements, pool due-diligence, pool filtration basis the selection criteria, periodic MIS, recovery update of the assigned pool. Interacting with Rating Agency with respect to portfolio data requirements, pool data and other related information. Coordination with trusteeships for payout related data requirement, reconciliation of the assigned books with Investors. Managing internal stakeholder relations with Finance and Operations team for Servicing & Payout; Debt Management team for legal and recovery update in the assigned pool and liaising with other stakeholders as per requirements.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Liaising with various stakeholders involved in the Securitization / Direct Assignment transactions.
  • Coordinating with BIU / IT teams for collation of Portfolio Dump and identification of assignable pool.
  • Liaising with Ops team for Due-Diligence of the identified accounts by Investors.
  • Coordinating with CA / Legal Firms for requisite certification / documentation / title verification etc.
  • Managing Relationship vide continuous / periodic - interaction / meetings with Investors.
  • Responsible for various MIS & reports for both internal analysis or to be provided to Investors & Rating Agency.
  • Monitoring the performance of the assigned portfolio - collaborating with Collections /Recovery Team for resolution of delinquent accounts.
  • Reconciliation between the Bank's books and Assignee's books - collaborating with Finance / Banking Ops team.
  • Monitoring & Maintenance of Records of Transactions in physical as well as electronic forms.
  • Responsible for resolution of Due Diligence queries of investor banks.
  • Maintain & Monitor Monthly / MIS for internal & external circulation.
  • Drafting Settlement proposals & liaising with Banks & Financial institutions for approval.
  • Managing investors queries Pre & Post securitization transactions.
  • Ensuring sanity of Portfolio Dump / Assignable Pool whilst working with IT / BIU Team.
  • Ensuring preparation of Pool cashflows & Repayment schedule, non-encumbrance & non-delinquency of assignable pool - from Banking Ops team.
  • Ensuring payout to Assignee on scheduled dates vide Finance team.

Education Qualification:

Graduation: Any Graduate

Post-graduation: MBA.

Experience: 5 - 10 years of experience in Securitization.

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